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2015/2016 GOLD AWARD!



Going Green at HRU

In addition to our lovely guests, there are a few other residents at Holiday Resort Unity that we take care of.

They’re the animals, birds and other wildlife that live here. We’re committed to protecting and preserving the landscape and environment here, and are continually working towards a more sustainable future – and to reduce the impact the resort has on the environment.

We’re delighted to advise that we’re proud holders of a David Bellamy Gold Conservation Award – which recognises our continued commitment to conservation and the environment. And of course we’d love for all our guests and residents to get involved too, by following these simple suggestions below while you’re on holiday with us.

We’d also love to know what wildife you’ve spotted onsite, so please tweet us your pictures @BreanSands.

  • Use the bins. Please use the bins provided around the resort. Rubbish on the floor not only looks unsightly but is also harmful to animals and the environment. And please don’t flush sanitary waste, including nappies and baby wipes, down the toilet.
  • Recycle. You will find recycling points for segregated waste adjacent to the amenity block on our camping fields, outside Costcutter Supermarket and at the Leisure Park caravan hiring area. Please try to recycle as much as possible!
  • Save water. Please do not leave taps running unnecessarily. If possible, only use the minimum amount of water needed when bathing and washing.
  • Switch off. Please turn off lights when you go out and turn off electrical appliances at the plug when not in use (including the tv!).
  • Be mindful of the wildlife. We actively encourage the local wildlife to share our resort with us and whilst we all love to see and watch wildlife, please do so at a distance so we dont frighten or scare the wildlife.
  • Shop locally. We choose suppliers that are local in order to support the local community and also to give you a taste of Somerset and the South West.
  • Re-use your carrier bags! Please keep and reuse your plastic carrier bags, either for your swim gear or for your shopping at Costcutter Supermarket.


Good question. Well for starters, we have a ‘Green Team’, made up of resort team members, who discuss and implement ideas to make us more sustainable. So far, these have included the following areas:

Electricity – Wherever possible, we use low energy lightbulbs and keep unnecessary lighting usage around the resort to a minimum. In the amenity blocks, we have motion-activated lights. We now have an electric car for our security team, which is used to patrol the resort at night. It has replaced a petrol vehicle and when you consider that it covers around 80 miles every night, is quite a significant change!

Recycling – Last year we improved our recycling facilities, and provided more recycling points and larger/clearer bins around the resort. These are collected by an approved contractor and taken to a recycling point. We also have our own compost heap and the owners of caravans can contribute to this by using our garden waste bags that we then collect to add to our maturing heap. We also recycle our printer cartridges, paper, glass and cardboard generated within our many departments. Any lost property not claimed after six weeks is donated to local charity shops in Burnham-on-Sea.

Water – You will find push taps in the amenity/toilet blocks which prevent water wastage. Many of our urinal systems are now motion-activated as opposed to running automatically. Our showers are also push button or sensor-activated to save water. You won’t find many baths on our resort and this helps reduce our water consumption. We collect water from the roofs of our storage sheds to re-use on the resort.

Gas – Our hire fleet of caravans have a fall-back temperature which defaults should a guest leave the accommodation for the day and leave the heating on. This is also useful when caravans are not occupied as it drops back to the default temperature should the heating be accidentally left on after cleaning.

Brean Splash Waterpark – While designing the waterpark, we looked at ways to improve its environmental efficiency. We’re really proud of the systems we have in place. We were the first pool complex in the UK to locate an air source heat-recovering system within a ‘thermal store’ inside the building, designed to recover heat before air is expelled, reducing carbon emissions and also reducing running costs. We have also fitted an electric pool cover to reduce the amount of heat loss from the pool water when the building is closed. We are using UV disinfection in addition to chlorine to disinfect the pool as UV is a much more effective way to disinfect and significantly reduces the amount of chlorine needed.


We are proud to have a wide range of wildlife on our resort and actively encourage wildlife to share the resort with us.
We have over 50 different types of bird and bat boxes to allow wildlife to live and develop on areas throughout the resort. We also have ‘wild areas’ which allow natural growth of vegetation and development of wildlife habitats.
We are (extremely) proud to have been awarded a prestigious David Bellamy Conservation Award.

The list below is just some of the animals that you can see on site:

  • Ducks and geese are found on our fishing lake, or ponds on the golf course
  • Shell ducks
  • Green and goldfinches
  • Kestrels
  • Buzzards
  • Green woodpeckers
  • Heron – found on the marsh areas on the edges of the golf course
  • Pied wagtails
  • Egrets
  • Owls
  • Bees
  • Butterflies
  • Ladybirds
  • Rabbits
  • Hares – on the golf course
  • Water voles – at our lake
  • Horses – grazing in our fields
  • Grow our own – we have our own vegetable garden where we grow produce, and use in our kitchens at the Tavern.


  1. Leave the car and walk around the resort to reach our facilities.
  2. Use the free evening mini bus/ train service during mid and high season, picking up for the touring RJ’s and the leisure park.
  3. Walk to Brean along the beach. Then climb the National Trust Brean Down.
  4. Hire a bike from our hire centre and cycle to the local seaside town of Burnham-on-Sea.
  5. Experience the countryside by taking a walk to Brent Knoll (the round hill to the East of the Resort). At the end of the dog walk, cross the road and the bridleway will take you to Brent Knoll.
  6. Catch a bus to Burnham-on-Sea/ Weston-super-Mare right from the resort entrance.
  7. Take advantage of our organised coach trips to Bath spa, Minehead and Wells. Pick up at resort entrance.
  8. Take a nature walk around the resort – what wildlife can you spot? Please complete a David Bellamy questionnaire to help us maintain our award.


The Green Tourism Business Scheme awards businesses who have proven that they care for the local environment and community. There are three levels of the award (gold, silver and bronze). We have achieved silver level having first received bronze in 2008. Following improvements made, we achieved silver in 2010. For more information about Green Tourism please click here.

The David Bellamy Conservation Award is given to holiday parks that demonstrate policies that show active concern for the environment. Assisted by local nature groups and holidaymakers themselves, the award looks at virtually every aspect of park management – from the protection of plant and animal habitats, to the efficient use of energy and recycling. For more information about The David Bellamy Conservation Award please click here.

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