Holiday Resort Unity
Holiday Resort Unity

Team Brean Charity Challenge to support Bristol Hospitals

Four of our very own #teambrean employees are embarking on an epic challenge in September to raise money for Bristol charity Above & Beyond.

On September 11 the team will start a 480km cycle trip from Bristol to Paris with 50 other riders completing the whole challenge over 4 days before enjoying the sights of Paris and returning by Eurostar.

Sarah House, Director who is one of those taking part in the challenge commented:

‘Each year within the business we raise lots of money for a range of local charities through different fundraising events. As well as continuing to do this we wanted a physical challenge of our own, so to do this for charity, and to help make a difference, will make the training and experience so much more worth it’

The team is looking to raise over £6,000 for the charity over the next few months and is encouraging visitors to the Resort and attractions to help through various fundraising initiatives over the next few months. An online fundraising page has also been set up and the team will keep us up to date of their training and during the challenge itself.

Read more about their fundraising story and donate here.

Our first event is “Silly Hat Day” on Friday 28th June, where team members and customers are encouraged to wear a silly hat for a small donation.
The charity Above & Beyond with your support, funds projects that make a real difference to patients, their families and the staff that treat them in Bristol city centre hospitals.

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