Holiday Resort Unity
Holiday Resort Unity

Resort’s first Dog Friendly Café at Brean Leisure Park

On Saturday 26th May, COAST, a café that welcomes dogs and their owners, opened at Brean Leisure Park.

But this is not just any dog friendly café, COAST offers dog blankets, dog towels, water, and a bespoke menu for dogs that features starters, mains, desserts and treats, as well as Bottom Sniffer dog beer and Pawsecco.

Coast cafe

With an outdoor shaded seating area, and fully air-conditioned interior for the comfort of creatures great and small, there is free wifi and an extensive menu serving hot and cold drinks and snacks for dog owners. The café is licensed and we are proud to be serving Costa Coffee.

Lola and Menu at Coast Cafe

Alan House, Director, said “One of the reasons we opened the café is we accept pets on site at Holiday Resort Unity, but until now they were not permitted in our food and drink venues, so we have listened to our customer feedback and provided them with a place where they can take their dog and get something to eat and drink. We went one step further with the addition of the dog menu and selection of treats and drinks and although it’s early days feedback has been brilliant.

As well as the high numbers of people that already walk their dogs on the local beaches, with the new stretch of the England Coast Path right on our doorstep we are expecting to see an increase in dog walkers year on year. At a recent workshop we hosted it was highlighted that these walkers would need facilities to stop off for refreshments and comfort breaks throughout the year, and with Brean being very seasonal this potentially created a problem.

We saw this as an opportunity to provide additional services for dogs as well as catering for their owners”

The café is open to the general public as well as anyone visiting Brean Leisure Park or staying in Brean on holiday. It is open daily from 10am to 5pm.

Coast Cafe

Coast Cafe

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