Holiday Resort Unity
Holiday Resort Unity

Enjoy Cycling Along the North West Coast

Cycling has become one of the favourite pastimes for families around the UK, and with so many cycling routes available, it is not difficult to transform cycling into an activity the entire family will enjoy.

One of the most scenic cycling routes in the country is located on the north-west coast. National Route 33 of the National Cycle Network begins in Bristol and crosses Somerset and Devon before reaching the English Channel at Seaton. Our holiday campsite is located right near this incredible cycle route, which allows you to spend entire days relaxing by the sea while still making the most out of your cycling passion.

brean cycleExplore the North West Coast by Bike for Incredible Family Time

Biking is one of the best ways to explore the wonderfully diverse North West of England, which is home to cosmopolitan cities such as Liverpool and Manchester as well as to the amazing scenery around the Lake District and the rolling hills of Lancashire. Whether you are a nature lover or one that loves history, there are so many things to do and see along the north-west coast, that you will want to return again and again.

The cycle route 33 provides cyclists with one of the most enthralling ways of discovering the North West of England. It starts in Bristol and allows you to travel across Somerset and Devon in order to finish at the English Channel at Seaton.

Cycling Along the Sea for an Unforgettable Experience

When you opt for this cycling route, you can take the entire family cycling along by the sea up to Weston-Super-Mare or Burnham-on-Sea. The major cycling area that is currently open as of 2017 is in Somerset between Axminster and Weston-Super-Mare, which allows you to pass through Burnham-on-Sea, Bridgwater and Taunton. Upgrades are in plan, so the route will be extended between Kingston Seymour and Wick St Lawrence.

There are eight beaches in the Burnham-on-Sea area, and all of them are surrounded by lots of entertainment options. The main beach has a separate area for jet skis and boats, and is a wonderful swimming beach where you can also try donkey rides in the summer.

brean beach walkWhy stay on the North-West Coast?

The North-West Coast is a great way to spend a family holiday. Once you’ve explored the eight amazing beaches, there is no lack of activities when it comes to family days out in the local area. You can explore National Trust properties, the historic Roman Baths in Bath and so much more. With so many things to prime, you don’t have to worry about missing a thing when you stay with us at HRU.
Located just a short walk from the sandy beach that runs from Burnham-on-Sea to Brean Down, Holiday Resort Unity is situated just 10 minutes from the M5, allowing you to access your holiday caravan quite easily.

How to Make the Most of Your Cycling Trip with Holiday Resort Unity

You can bring your own bikes or hire them from Holiday Resort Unity. We have a large selection of bikes to suit the needs of all family members. Plus, it is very easy to reach the resort as the nearest train stations are at Highbridge and Weston-Super-Mare.

As well as amazing entertainment in the area, Holiday Resort Unity is one of the best caravan parks in Somerset and hosts its own range of great facilities and fun for all the family. With Brean Theme Park, you can keep the kids busy for hours, while you enjoy the beautiful Fishing Lake or explore Brean Golf Club. For more information on cycling around the North West coast or the fun on offer at HRU, fill in our contact form or make a booking now!

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