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Health and Safety on the Resort


That’s why our resort complies with health & safety legislation to ensure a fun, safe environment for all.

Your safety is our highest priority at all times, so please read and follow the information and advice.

Should you have any queries or problems during your stay, please raise these at reception or with your warden, and in any case before your departure.


  • Please report to reception to collect your guide to ‘What’s On’ for opening times for facilities during your stay. On arrival at your accommodation be sure to identify the nearest telephone and fire point. Please take note of your pitch or caravan number.
  • If you are touring, report to your warden at the toilet block. Please take care to set up in the middle of the square marked with brown lines with your jockey wheel/tent entrance/motorhome bumper near to the slab and at least 20ft (6 metres) from the next unit.
  • Guy ropes and pegs must be clearly marked, so they are visible in the dark to prevent tripping accidents.
  • For safety and privacy reasons, please do not walk between pitches.


  • All roads on the resort are subject to the Road Traffic Act, which means they are public roads. The resort speed limit is 15mph – and 5 mph around buildings. These must be adhered to at all times.
  • There is a mix of pedestrians, vehicles, machinery, bikes, scooters etc on the resort. Drivers should be aware of this and, in particular, near the children’s play area, around buildings and in the camping fields. There may be large vehicles including delivery vehicles around the resort. Whilst we take precautions, extra care should be taken around delivery areas.
  • The principles of the highway code should be followed.
  • Parents are requested to supervise the use of child devices, which must be operated accordingly.
  • All vehicles must be driven by holders of a current driving license and with adequate third-party insurance.
  • Please park your vehicle in the designated place provided. All cars are parked entirely at the owner’s risk. Do not park in between caravans.
  • Don’t drink and drive!
  • Remember that it is an offence to do so and this applies to all areas of the resort. Those with motorbikes must ensure that they wear a helmet at all times. Anyone driving or riding in motor vehicles must wear seat belts.
  • Electric or petrol operated scooters or bikes etc are not permitted on the resort and are subject to the Road Traffic Act.
  • Kill your speed! SLOW DOWN!

Please report anything suspicious to reception. 24 hour security is provided and CCTV operates around the resort.
Our resort rangers are here to ensure that you have a safe and secure holiday.

The resort operates a zero tolerance policy towards all aspects of anti-social behaviour. Resort rangers will deal swiftly with all types of unreasonable behaviour, under our sitewatch process.

Smoking is not permitted in any of our facilities or accommodation. Please dispose of cigarette materials in the correctly marked bins.



  • Due to licensing requirements, some venues will have age restrictions. Proof of age will be required to purchase alcoholic drinks if you appear to be under 21 years of age.
  • A suitable dress code is required to be able to use our venues.
  • Strobe lighting may be used in our venues from time to tome.
  • The Tavern may only admit persons over the age of 14 on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings and during special events.
  • Legends Bar is only available to over 18s.
  • Service dogs welcome in all areas.
  • In RJ’s all under-18s must be accompanied by an adult.
  • In all other venues, children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Children must be accompanied by an adult on the dance floor in RJ’s after 9.30pm.
  • The number of pushchairs admitted to the venues may be limited. We are sorry, but prams and pushchairs cannot be accompanied in the venues during these busy periods. We suggest that you leave these in your accommodation.


  • The waterpark is operated in sessions. See your ‘What’s On’ guide on arrival for opening times.
  • All children under 8 years of age and all non-swimmers MUST be accompanied and supervised in the pool by a responsible person over the age of 16 at a ratio of 1 adult to 2 children. For children under 4 years, there MUST be one adult to each child. Never leave a child unattended.
  • The operation of the outdoor pool and slides is subject to weather conditions, demand and operates at our discretion.
  • The pools are supervised at all times by lifeguards, however children remain the responsibility of their parents at all times.
  • Pool users must obey the instructions of the lifeguards at all times. Failure to do so may result in injury and privileges will be withdrawn.
  • The pools operate a ‘No diving, running, ducking, pushing in or bombing’ policy.
  • In the interest of hygiene, please encourage children to use the toilet before swimming and all bathers please shower before entering the pools.


  • The slides may be operated on rotation during sessions.
  • Pregnant woman and those with heart or back problems are advised not to use the slides.
  • All children under 1.2 metres MUST be accompanied by an adult on the Serpentine Slide.
  • On Crazy River Ride and Turbo Drop, riders must be over 1.2 metres tall.


  • Eating directly before swimming may make you ill, resulting in sickness and stomach cramps, which in a pool environment can be dangerous. Therefore, please eat after you swim.
  • Swimming under the influence of alcohol is dangerous. Anyone who appears to be intoxicated will be asked to leave.

Please note that this is not a childcare facility and does not replace parental supervision or responsibility. Parents/guardians must accompany all children during these sessions.


  • All children under 12 years of age MUST be accompanied by an adult on a visit to the Theme Park.
  • For your safety, height and weight restrictions apply on some rides. Riders must obey the instructions of the ride operator.
  • All rides are operated on a franchise. They are inspected and tested independently and conform to health & safety requirements.
  • No alcohol is permitted at the theme park.


  • The play equipment is suitable for children between the ages of 4 and 12 years.
  • All children MUST be accompanied by an adult. The area is not supervised.
  • No dogs are allowed in the play area.
  • No playing after dusk.
  • No ball games are allowed on the resort other than in the play area. The play equipment and grass may be slippery when wet. Please take care and follow the signs for your safety.


  • An NRA Environmental Licence is required for all those wishing to fish on the pond.
  • All children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • No ground bait or keep nets allowed. The pond is not fenced and no boating is allowed.
  • Please comply with the signs at the pond, which are provided for your safety.
  • Please report all catches to your field warden.


Golf is available to residents on booking a start time. Course etiquette and Pro Shop instructions must be followed. Children under 14 years of age who do not hold a handicap certificate MUST be accompanied by an adult.


All dogs MUST be kept on a lead at all times and walked along the designated ‘dog walk’ or on the beach. Please clean up after your dog and use the bins provided. Penalty fines apply.


Please respect your neighbours and keep noise down, especially after sunset.

We have a zero tolerance policy towards unacceptable behaviour including aggression, threats and abuse towards our team members.

Any guest causing a nuisance or offence will be warned under our ‘traffic light’ warning system.

No bonfires, fireworks, Chinese lanterns, drones or kite flying are allowed anywhere on the resort.

Please put your rubbish in the wheelie bins provided, next to the toilet blocks.

Please remember that you are coming on holiday to the countryside where the grass may be wet, the ground uneven and not all areas and water features are fenced.

Please supervise your children at all times.

Not all areas of the resort are lit. We recommend you bring a torch for use during the hours of darkness.

The surfaces of all paths and roads are not all smooth and even.

Take care when touching animals, as they may bite.

A public bridleway runs through the resort from the entrance and along the dog walk. Therefore, you may see some horses on this route.

Kite flying or remote control planes/helicopters/drones are not permitted on the resort. Please use the beach.

Children under 14 years of age must be accompanied by an adult when using the bus/train service on the resort.

The management reserves the right to refuse permission for filming or photographs of children in sensitive areas of the resort, such as the pool complex, play area and entertainment venues.

The resort follows child protection guidelines and has a child protection policy in place that includes employee selection, training and procedures.


  • BBQs are not allowed within 10ft of a caravan and must be in a self-contained unit above the ground.
  • Never use BBQs inside a tent or caravan. Never leave BBQs unattended.
  • Ensure all BBQs, stoves and camping lights are fully out before going to bed. Carbon Monoxide can be fatal.


The beach can be accessed opposite the resort entrance by either a footpath or access road. The beach is tidal and the sea goes out a long way. Avoid entering the water when the sea is out and always stay on firm sand as there is a risk of sinking sand.


  • When taking a shower or bath, always check the water temperature before getting in.
  • Take care when in a caravan and when other water sources are being used, as the shower temperature may fluctuate.
  • Be aware that if the floor becomes wet then it may be slippery.
  • The water temperature in the laundry areas is hotter for laundry purposes, so please take care.


  • Basic First Aid is available from reception or from your warden (qualified First Aiders).
  • If you have an accident on the resort, then please report it to reception.
  • Chemist/hospital information is available from reception.


If you are hiring one of our holiday homes then you may find some of the following information useful. Please note that the contents of equipment in our holiday homes vary according to grade.


Please remember when you go out to shut all windows and doors. This is especially important if you are in a holiday home with an alarm, as this may set the alarm off.

As windows are used as a means of escape, there are no safety catches.


These operate as domestic microwaves. Please do not place metal objects or aluminium foil inside the microwave.


If this beeps then please inform reception so we can then change the battery. Should they activate , evacuate and inform reception.


Please do not set the thermostat too high. When the fridge is full it takes time to cool down. A setting of 3 or 4 should be sufficient.

When you leave, please turn off the fridge and open the fridge door, so it will be ready for the next guest.


All electrical appliances in your holiday home have been safety checked.

Guests use their own electrical equipment at their own risk. Please do not overload electrical sockets and switch off equipment when not in use.


Do not rely on the use of the door retainer in windy conditions.


Never cover any floor / ceiling vents under any circumstances.


Take care when going up and down caravan steps/ramps as they may be narrow or steep. Always use the handrail. Caravan steps/ramps may be slippery when wet or icy. Please take additional care.




All company gas appliances have been safety tested.

Please report any gas leak, or strong smell of gas to reception.

If you suspect a leak, then do not smoke or use naked flames. Do not operate electric switches. Inform reception immediately.


In the event of a fire:

  1. Raise the alarm by shouting ‘FIRE’.
  2. Vacate your caravan/unit and alert your neighbours.
  3. Dial 999 at the nearest phone and ask for the Fire Brigade.
  4. Contact your field warden at the toilet block or reception.
  5.  DO NOT TAKE ANY RISKS. Get out, raise the alarm, stay away. Listen to instructions from our team.

At each fire point there is a gong to alert others.


We will monitor flood warnings from the Environment Agency. Please listen to instructions from the resort team. This may include staying in your accommodation or an evacuation.

Note: Do not walk through flood water. Six inches of water can knock you off your feet and two feet can float your car.

Please ask for your ‘Welcome All’ leaflet which details information about our resort and is available from reception.

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