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Ever thought about a getaway in coastal Somerset? If you are looking for an adventure-packed holiday in Burnham-on-Sea, our holiday park is just 10 minutes down the road, right on the coast! One of the best things about Brean is one of the longest sandy beaches in the country and easy access to other Somerset attractions.

From the moment you arrive in the region, you’ll easily understand why people return year after year to holiday in Brean, and with plenty of scenic landscapes nearby, it’s likely that you’ll be eager to get outside and explore.

If you are looking for an adventurous holiday in Somerset, want to explore the area, and enjoy the natural beauty, then these scenic walks are for you.

Brean Down

Just a short stroll from our holiday park, Brean Down is an awesome spot for a walk, and it even made it onto The Guardian's list of top 10 UK walks in 2010.

Managed by the National Trust, this place offers some fantastic trails with stunning views, especially when the sun's out. While you're here, you'll discover a lot of history, like ancient fossils and signs of the first people who lived here. Check out the remains of a Roman temple and an old fort from the 1800s that was used to protect the country.

It's also a dog-friendly walk, so feel free to bring your furry friend along, just please keep it on the leash at all times. Don't forget to bring refreshments, or enjoy a snack at the National Trust café.

Old Church of Saint Nicholas

Looking for a more challenging route? Only 15-minute drive away from Brean, you will find a 6-mile loop route starting in Uphill. Overseeing the Bristol Channel, Purr Hill Nature Reserve and Old Saint Nicholas Church, this path is a perfect way to explore the great outdoors in Somerset. Plus, the starting point is conveniently accessible via public transport, making it hassle-free to begin your journey into nature's beauty. Lace-up your boots and get ready for an unforgettable hike!

Dunkery Beacon

If you want to explore all Somerset’s beauty, head to Dunkery Beacon, Somerset's tallest hill, for a hike with amazing views and the chance to see special ponies. Just over 1 hour drive away from Brean you will find yourself surrounded by the pretty scenery of Exmoor National Park. Enjoy the rugged hills and calm valleys as you go higher. If you love adventures, Dunkery Beacon is the place to be – don't miss out on seeing the beautiful nature of Somerset!

Blagdon Lake

Take a stroll to Blagdon Lake, starting from Blagdon village, walking along part of the manmade reservoir, and then back again. Keep an eye out for wildlife, like birds and trout, which were put in the lake for fishing. Once you're done with your walk, check out the cute village with its few local shops and pubs.

Steart Marshes

A visit to Steart Marshes is perfect for a great walk and to see a WWT wetland landscape that was made to protect the local area from rising sea levels. Moreover, it is a great location for bird watching and day passes can be bought from the new Hinkley Point Power Station only 2 miles away from the Steart Marches.

It's the largest new coastal wetland in Great Britain, with pathways that are wheelchair accessible and suitable for everyone. There are also toilets onsite. There's no café, so don't forget to bring your own picnic. And remember, please take all your rubbish with you when you leave.

Looking for more similar walks? Visit Avalon Marshes near Glastonbury!

Brent Knoll

There are quite a few nice walks around Brent Knoll, but one of the best is climbing to the top of the Knoll itself. It takes about half an hour to get up there, but if you're going with a group, you might want to plan for more time.
The knoll used to be an island back when the Somerset Levels were flooded. It was even jokingly called the Isle of Frogs because of a legend about three giants who supposedly lived there. When you reach the top, you'll feel like you're flying in an aeroplane, with amazing views all around. You can see the Polden Hills to the south, Glastonbury Tor to the east, the Mendip Hills and Cheddar Gorge to the northeast, the Bristol Channel and Wales to the west, and the Quantock Hills to the southwest.

So, now you have a plan for an adventure in Somerset, all you need is to book your stay with us at Brean Leisure Resort for a comfortable night's sleep, great evening entertainment and a relaxing time while catching your breath.

We are looking forward to seeing you!