Holiday Resort Unity
Holiday Resort Unity

Meet Sooty at HRU!

Those who have holidayed with us before are probably already familiar with the little bear that lives onsite at our theme park. Sooty has been filming his TV show in Brean for a while now, and we love having him here. While you can catch him on TV, and even come along and watch the Sooty Show every day, on some special days this summer, families can come and meet the stars of the TV show, Richard & Sooty!

Say hello to Sooty

This year, Richard & Sooty will be at Brean Theme Park on the following dates:

  • Wednesday 1st June
  • Wednesday 3rd August
  • Wednesday 26th

Meeting Richard and Sooty is open to everyone and it’s advised you book tickets beforehand as the park can get quite busy with such a major celebrity onsite! However, those lucky enough to be staying at our HRU site can say hello to Sooty & Richard in RJ’s at 7.45pm on Wednesday the 1st June.

Daily Shows

If you aren’t able to make it to meet Richard and Sooty – not to worry! You can come and watch daily shows for free and meet and greet Mascots at 4pm throughout the summer. There’s also plenty of fun to be had with morning welcomes from Sooty and Disco Parties. Be sure to check when these are happening to avoid disappointment as they aren’t on all the time.

Watch The Big Day Out Online!

If your little ones can’t contain their excitement over the thought of meeting Sooty, then we’ve got the perfect thing to keep them occupied. Head over to our Theme Park website to watch Sooty’s feature length The Big Day Out and see if they can spot their favourite rides and different sites around our park.

With a brilliant selection of rides for all ages, every member of the family can enjoy our Brean Theme Park. From Tea Cups and a Farm Train for little ones to the Sky Diver and Crazy Loop for the braver among you!

Plan your HRU holiday today by visiting our website. Our campsite in Somerset is incredibly close to the beach, and is filled with family friendly activities. Book today online or get in touch on 01278 751235 to speak to a member of our team.

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