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Holiday Resort Unity

Ska Band Complete Madness Join HRU

We’ve got a real treat for fans of ska music this month at Holiday Resort Unity. Complete Madness are heading to our resort, for a jam-packed evening of ska treats and beats! Ska music at its very best, this Madness tribute act promises an entertaining night whether you’re a diehard Madness fan or simply looking to watch a great live band perform at the resort.

night-vintage-music-bokehMadness and more

Not only do Complete Madness play all the best hits and tracks from Madness, but other great ska bands too such as the Specials. Their set list has a huge array of tracks to suit everyone, even modern tracks in a ska style ranging from Paolo Nutini’s “10 by 10” to Bruno Mars’ “The Lazy Song” for an eclectic and varied night.

The band

The band formed way back in the late 80s, when Madness were all the rage. Living through the ska and punk era themselves, they witnessed Madness and Specials in their prime, making them a great and genuine tribute act.

Having gone through a few members in their time to sculpt the band into who they are today, Complete Madness now consists of lead singer Mark Keegan, lead guitarist Derek Wood, saxophonist Kevin Stanfield, keyboardist David Potter and drummer. Brett Biggs. All amazing and talented musicians, as well as good friends, the band know how to have fun on stage!

pexels-photo-70222Huge tour

Currently touring all around the UK, Complete Madness are in high demand! Catch them now while you can! Tickets are available through the Holiday Resort Unity website as they play two amazing shows at The Tavern and RJ’s on the 15th April and 30th April respectively.

For more information on how to get a ticket or to view our luxury caravan site in Somerset, please call us on 01278 751 235 or fill in our contact form.

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