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At Holiday Resort Unity we want 2021 to be a year where we push our sustainability goals further, considering it in every decision that we make.

Our Goals for 2021

  • We will be increasing our recycling rate by at least 25% by introducing mixed recycling and diverting as much as possible from landfill.

  • We will be reducing our energy usage by at least another 10%.



We need your help – all you need to do is recycle as you do at home.

On check-in, we will provide you with a clear plastic bag to help you separate your recycling and we have created numerous recycling points throughout the site enabling you to recycle everything that you do at home. Even the bins that you are putting your recycling in have been recycled.

You will find your closest recycling point on the site map; they can also be found on the app and are clearly signposted around the site. Recycling points have been located on the main routes around the site, so you could always drop off your recycling and waste when leaving the site for the day.

What will happen to my recycling and waste?

All your waste is taken to Avonmouth, a large industrial site just South of Bristol on the M5. Here the following happens.


Glass can be recycled again and again. The glass is sorted into colours at the depot, crushed and then melted to be remoulded into a new bottles and jars

Mixed recycling
Your mixed recycling is separated at the Avonmouth plant.

Newspapers and magazines are used to make new newspapers. Mixed paper and card are used for making packaging material and cardboard is sent to a recycling mill to be made into new cardboard products.

Plastic is separated into different grades, which are reprocessed into pellets which can be recycled to create new plastic products

(1) Veolia UK | The beauty of plastic recycling - YouTube

General waste

Any waste that cannot be recycled is sent to an incinerator for energy recovery, not landfill.

The waste is burnt at 850 degrees Celsius which heats a huge water boiler above it, producing superheated steam that turns a turbine, producing electricity. All gases produced from this method are cleaned, the steam leaving the incinerator having similar properties to water. The remaining ash is then sent to construction companies for use in aggregate such as pavements

To prevent rubbish lorries sitting on the M5 every day, we have also purchased two waste compactors, these squash all our waste into bales, which can then be collected less frequently.

Newspapers and magazines are used to make new newspapers. Mixed paper and card are used for making packaging material and cardboard is sent to a recycling mill to be made into new cardboard products.

Plastic is separated into different grades, which are reprocessed into pellets which can be recycled to create new plastic products


We are monitoring our energy usage throughout the site daily, ensuring electricity is controlled and continuously assessing where we can save more. Our goals for 2021 is to reduce our energy use by a further 10% across the site.

Our Leisure centre is powered by 900 solar panels and we have a biomass boiler that burns sustainably sourced wood pellets and heats our indoor pool and communal areas to keep it the perfect temperature for you. The energy produced between these two creates enough energy to power 142 houses. In 2020 we won a gold a standard award for Energy efficiency and Eco Pool project of the year at the prestigious UK Pool and Spa awards.

We are also in the process of moving our HRU fleet over to electric vehicles as well as looking into introducing EV charging points throughout the site for guests as we work towards supporting future needs.

What else are we doing?

Food and Drink

We have reviewed all our menus and meal preparations to ensure we produce the least amount of waste as possible.

When you go and get your well-earned cup of coffee, do not forget your reusable cup. We offer.... discount on your coffee if you bring your reusable cup with you. If you want to have a drink outside, you can also purchase one of our reusable drinks cups which you can return or keep afterwards for £1.

We also offer delicious and award-winning...Coffee from...At Brean Splash and...

We work closely with our suppliers to ensure their sustainable practices are inline with our own and offer local produce at all our main dining venues

Office Waste

We are in the process of reviewing our paper usage and moving as much as possible to electronic systems. We print double sided wherever possible and any wastepaper is shredded and used for bedding for the animals.


We have received many awards over the years such as a God David Bellamy Award, Gold Green tourism award, Silver in sustainability at the Bath, Bristol and Somerset Awards and a finalist at the Somerset Business Awards


We already do a lot of conservation work, have a lot of exciting projects in the pipeline.

Over the last 7 years we have reintroduced water voles throughout the site, along with rare great crested newts and numerous breeding pairs of moorhens and we even have some adders. We also have up to 50 beehives at any one time around the site. You can buy the honey in the Costcutter and

we use it on our menu at Brean Country Club. We have planted miles of hawthorn bush habitats and have started to plant almost 27000 trees over the next five years to encourage new wildlife and create safe havens for migratory birds.

If you have not already been to the ‘Secret wood’ you really must, here we have over ... species of birds and small mammals, plus this is a release site for the local RSPB and RSPCA for any injured birds and animals such as hedgehogs and rabbits. You will see over 80 nest and bat boxes dotted around our trees (in case you were wondering if it has a number on it is a nest box, if it has a letter on it, it is a bat box).

We are also working closely with ... on the reintroduction of native trout, you will find these in our fishing lakes on the campsite and by our country club lodges.

For any budding naturalists, we run a fantastic wild walk, talk and tour of our native wildlife friends, hopefully seeing some on the way but also learning all about those tiny creatures we often take for granted but have some interesting facts too! Also, for any eagle eyes you will find .... Wicker animals hiding in the hedgerow, see if you can find them all!

We also have huge composting silos where we recycle all garden and landscaping waste from the site, this is then used as mulch for all our flowerbeds over winter.

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