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Why Choose Us?


Offering a broad range of accommodation across our three areas (Holiday Resort Unity, Brean Leisure Park and Golden Sands), whether you enjoy sleeping under the stars or home-from-home comfort, we have something to suit everyone. Lodges, traditional static caravans, camping pods and three spacious touring fields for tents, tourers and motorhomes offer one of the greatest range of accommodation options in the South West.

Fantastic facilities include multiple entertainment venues, a wide selection of restaurants and takeaways, supermarket, waterpark with indoor and outdoor fun pools and 25m lane pool, 18 hole golf course and our Brean Country Club development. Just 15 minutes from Junction 22 of the M5 and 200m from a 7 mile stretch of sandy beach. Dogs are welcome.


Our wildlife and environment are important to us. Without the care and consideration of both, we wouldn’t be able to provide holiday-makers with scenic settings and lush grounds to enjoy their holidays on.

We’re surrounded by nature here at Holiday Resort Unity and we want to keep it that way. We’ve been a holiday resort for over 70 years and plan to be around for many more years to come. We started as a farm, so how could we not care about our environment?

We’re still big animal lovers, which is why we often work with local wildlife sanctuaries and experts to help release wildlife back into nature. Across our resorts, you may spy a number of beehives, bat-boxes and bird-boxes that we have set up. We want to protect our local wildlife and provide safe natural habitats to a variety of different creatures to help encourage biodiversity. We routinely work hands-on to protect and conserve wildlife within our resort and surrounding area.

You can learn all about our array of local wildlife and flora and fauna on one of our nature walks through our ‘secret’ wood. We also provide a Forest School and Wildlife Education sessions to local schools and guests of our resorts.

While you’re out and about, why not take a peek at the number of conservation areas that we have created across our site, for which we received a ‘David Bellamy Gold Conservation’ award. We also understand the importance of trees - after all, they help us breathe and they have emission-reducing properties! - which is why we have a plant and tree nursery and are regularly planting more trees across the resort.


Being a holiday resort, we are mindful of our environmental impact – which is why we are constantly striving towards a ‘greener Brean’. You may notice some changes we’ve made across our resorts (all for the greater good!), most noticeably the large solar panel system on the leisure centre, which is also fitted with biomass heating.

Since the start of the year, we’ve reduced our electricity use by 6% and aim to reduce this by a further 15% by the end of 2020.

We now also have a full-time member of staff to focus on environmental sustainability and creating a ‘net-zero’ action plan – which means we’re working towards reducing our carbon footprint (in a nutshell, if we create emissions we will also remove them), so our ambitions of a cleaner and greener environment are highly possible. We’ve already started our process by converting lots of our lights to energy-efficient types, several of our fleet vehicles are now electric to help cut down on those nasty emissions and we’re reducing our paper-consumption by taking our entertainment guides digital with mobile app versions.


We want our resort to be beautiful, clean and safe – for people and wildlife. Being environmentally friendly might seem daunting and somewhat confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. There’s no need to make huge changes to your lifestyle or to deny yourself fun whilst you’re on holiday, so here are a few tips on how to make a difference (even the smallest effort helps!)


  • Walk instead of drive - Luckily our resorts and facilities are all within reasonable distance to one another, so leave the car at your base and take scenic walk across our fields to reach any number of our venues. Or stretch your legs and take in the fresh air on the beach.
  • Reduce use of plastic - Single use plastic is super-harmful to the environment – it ends up in landfill where it will then take 1,000 years to degrade! So, say no to straws and opt for a glass instead of a plastic cup and bring your own shopping bag. If the plastic is unavoidable, don’t bin it! Keep it aside with any other plastics and dispose of it in one of our recycling bins.
  • Turn off the lights - Although we have replaced many of our lights with energy-efficient bulbs, the most effective way to cut down on electricity is to turn off the lights when they’re not in use. If you want to save energy even further; come along and enjoy the wide range of entertainment we have on every evening at either RJ’s or The Tavern and save the TV for another night!
  • Going to the beach? - Ask at reception for a ‘beach-cleaning’ bag. If everyone took just 2 minutes to pick up litter during their visit to the beach it would make a huge difference!
  • Be tidy, be mindful - This one’s easy, just clean up as you go! A lot of mess can be left behind from camping and touring which not only looks unsightly but can end up in trees and can potentially hurt our local wildlife. Be mindful of any mess you might leave behind and pop any rubbish in the bin.
Beach Clean-Ups

You may have noticed our local beach (you know, that seven-mile stretch of sand?) and you probably love it as much as we do,  which is why we organise beach clean-up projects through-out the year so that we can all work together to keep our beach beautiful. Not to mention litter doesn’t just impact the one beach that it’s found on; due to tides and winds, once a piece of litter is on the beach it can then spread very easily into our seas and oceans, polluting our marine life and eco-systems – it can even wind up on another beach…maybe in another country! So, to prevent the mess from spreading, keep an eye out for our organised beach clean-up days – we promise they’re more fun than they sound! And remember, you can make a difference, even if you’re just out for a stroll; if you see it, bin it!

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