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The best board games for family holidays

The Easter holidays are nearly upon us! And we know many of you will be planning a family holiday for the occasion, so we’ve put together the best board games for the ultimate family break!


Monopoly is the classic family board game and we’re sure you’ve played this dozens of times so we won’t explain the rules! For a fun twist on the classic, why not buy one of the newer versions of the game? Monopoly Here and Now includes cities from all around the world and you even have a passport to collect stamps along the way. Or Monopoly Empire features all the big brands as you battle to build the biggest brand tower.


This game is really simple to learn, so anyone above the age of 6 will have a great time playing it. Using wooden tiles, you earn points by building lines and matching up the colours and shapes. Whoever has the most points by the end, wins! This is ideal for families of up to 4 people and it’s definitely a game of strategic thinking and tactics.


Cluedo is another timeless game, where you race to solve the crime! This game turns your family into budding detectives, as you move around the board and make educated guesses as to who the murderer is, what weapon was used and which room they committed the crime in.


For families with older children, this game is for you. Balderdash is a fun bluffing game, ideally suited for ages 12 and over. Each player takes it in turn to read out a question and then a selection of answers, one is which is correct and the others are made up by the other players! You then have to guess the right answer and with some daft questions, it can be difficult!


Pictionary gets the whole family involved, as it’s really simple and lots of fun. You simply need to guess what the player is drawing! There are two different difficulty categories to spice things up a bit and keep the game exciting for the whole family.

If you’re thinking of planning a fun family holiday, why not come to HRU? As one of the best campsites in Somerset, we have lots on offer for everyone to enjoy! For more information, you call give us a ring on 01278 751 235 or make a booking now.

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