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Pump Track

Located at the outdoor play area, the pumptrack is designed to be ridden without pedalling or pushing at all; speed is generated by pumping the bike, board or scooter with your arms and legs up and over the rollers.

The track is best ridden on a BMX, a rigid mountain bike or a hardtail with short front suspension; but you can have fun on this pumptrack on a well-maintained mountain bike. Put your saddle right down to give you control of the bike over the rollers and set your suspension to it’s firmest setting and you’re good to go.

On a bike, as the bike rises up over the roller, bend your elbows and knees to allow the bike to rise up into you. As the bike rolls over the top of the roller begin to push the bike back down into the ground first with your arms and then with your legs on the backside of the roller. As the bike nears the bottom of the roller and the bowl that lies between the rollers, really drive your weight through your legs and pedals at the point where the ground transitions from downslope to upslope, which when timed correctly, will generate a burst of forward momentum. Repeat with each roller and you will be amazed how much speed you can gain purely with this rhythmic motion.

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