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For centuries, the coastline of the United Kingdom has been a popular destination for holidays and vacations. The UK's seaside towns and resorts such a Brean for family holidays offer a unique mix of history, culture, and natural beauty that is unmatched anywhere else in the world. In this blog post, we'll take a look at the history of UK seaside holidays, from the early days of Victorian seaside resorts to the present day.

The Early Days of Seaside Holidays in the UK

Seaside holidays in the United Kingdom date back to the early days of the Victorian era. The very first seaside resort town was built in 1802, when a group of investors bought land along the English coastline and developed it into a summer retreat for wealthy families. This new resort town, which was named Brighton, quickly became a popular destination for Londoners looking to escape the city's heat and smog.

In 1815, another seaside town called Margate was established. Margate soon became known as a fashionable spa town, thanks to its naturally occurring seawater springs. By 1830, there were more than 30 seaside towns in the UK, and their popularity continued to grow throughout the Victorian era.

Brean Down and Brean Down Fort

Brean family holidays were a long way off at that time. In fact, the famous Brean Down Fort was build 1864–1871. Today, those on their holidays in Brean can visit Brean Down, now under the care of the National Trust, and enjoy spectacular views along the Bristol Channel.

The Rise of Low-Priced Seaside Holidays

In the late 19th century, a new type of seaside holiday began to gain popularity among working-class families: more affordable holidays. These holidays were made possible by the advent of cheaper train tickets and mass-produced beach goods such as deckchairs. Many families from all over the country could now afford to take a seaside holiday, and coastal towns began to boom as a result. At that time, the train could be taken directly into Burnham-on-Sea, just along the coast from Brean. Those looking for holidays on the Somerset coast could literally arrive at the coast, not far from jetty by train. The first passenger train arrived in Burnham-on-Sea on 3rd May 1858.

20th Century UK Seaside Holidays

The tradition of taking cheap seaside holidays continued into the 20th century. After World War II, many factories in northern England were closed down or relocated, leaving large numbers of people unemployed. To help with unemployment and reestablish industry in these areas, the government created a series of holiday camps along the coast where families could stay for relatively low prices. These holiday camps proved to be very popular, and they helped boost tourism along the UK's coastline. Holiday camps in Brean rose to prominence in the second half of the 20th century, with holidays at Brean family holiday parks becoming a much loved annual adventure for families across England and Wales.

Seaside Holidays in The Present Day

Today, seaside holidays in the UK, such as family holidays on the Somerset coast, are more popular than ever before. Improved travel routes, the prevalence of car ownership, and use of websites for booking Brean holidays, it's now easier (and cheaper) than ever to visit one of Britain's coastal towns or cities. Whether you're looking for a traditional seaside holiday or a modern city break by the sea, there's sure to be a perfect destination for you somewhere along Britain's stunning coastline.

Brean - Much More Than A Seaside Holiday

Although Brean is right on the Somerset coast, and has a 7-mile long sandy beach, many of its most popular attractions are in the town of Brean or in the Brean holiday parks themselves. Those of a holiday at Holiday Resort Unity, for example, enjoy a vast amount of attractions on the site, plus a packed schedule of live entertainment.

UK Holidays and Staycations - Brean For Somerset Holidays

As you can see, seaside holidays have been popular in the United Kingdom for centuries. Thanks to advances in transportation and changes in societal norms, these holidays are now more accessible than ever before. So whether you're looking to enjoy the beach and surrounding countryside or an action-packed break enjoying the attractions and entertainment, make sure to consider Brean as the location next time you're planning a trip!