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Latest News

Over the last two weeks we have been busy completing essential maintenance at Brean Splash Waterpark to maintain the facility for the future.

The dehumidifier’s that heat the air within the 25m pool and splash zone year have been replaced. This will allow them to work more efficiently for many years to come.

Over £40,000 has been spent within the main changing rooms with new partitions and the forming of 2 unisex changing areas in addition to the existing family area. This will offer greater flexibility for families changing and also makes servicing and cleaning the areas easier.

Poolside we have repaired the lockers and made some tile repairs. Within the splash zone we have been painting the steel structure.

Investment into the facilities, future proofs the operation of the waterpark and keeps us running as efficiently as possible. In the last few years we have been putting sustainability at the heart of what we do. We have 900 solar panels on the roof of the leisure complex and heat the pools water with a mix of ground source heat pumps and biomass pellets.

Brean Splash Waterpark is open daily all year round and offers locals and holiday guests swimming all year round in a warm, safe environment. We have several schools that use the pool for weekly lessons and over 250 local children learning to swim with us.

The first main session each week on a Friday is also a quiet session – where there is no background music played which may suit those with some sensory issues.

Local residents can apply for a free resident’s card via the website to claim back their car parking fee when charges apply between March - October and can also save 5% in the cafe.

Holiday guests that choose to stay on holiday with us at Holiday Resort Unity can benefit from a 50% discount off swimming sessions with holiday home owners receiving free swimming throughout the season. We are also open to the general public all year and host a range of events across the year.

The timetable and information regarding the resident’s pass can be viewed and bookings made online at