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With the Easter break coming up fast, it’s time to start planning for the festivities! Easter is always a great time to get all the family together, play games and eat loads of chocolate!

At Holiday Resort Unity, we offer an unforgettable family coastal holiday with a great programme planned for children of all ages. With all the fun, sometimes it is nice to have some quieter time with your family. So why not make your Easter eggstra-ordinary and arrange your own Easter games or bake some goodies?

We’re no strangers to Easter fun so here are some great ideas to get all your family and friends involved with.


"But where?" you ask... Lucky you staying with us, as all our caravans and lodges are equipped with fully functioning kitchens!

If you’re a keen baker, then why not make your own Easter eggs? It’s a lot easier than you think, and is a great one to get the kids to help out with, although always make sure they’re supervised. You’ll need an egg mould (you can buy these in most craft shops), as well as lots of chocolate! You’ll need to melt the chocolate down using a bain-marie and then carefully pour it into the moulds, you can read the full chocolate Easter egg recipe here. Once you’ve got your basic Easter egg shape, it’s time to decorate! Use coloured icing or sprinkles to make every Easter egg look different for a varied bunch to suit everyone. Lastly, use ribbons or coloured foil to wrap them up and keep them fresh. They make great Easter gifts too, and are ideal for an Easter egg hunt…


Probably our favourite Easter game is a traditional Easter egg hunt! Get all the kids involved with the promise of exciting treats. To get this organised, you’ll need to establish a suitable area, maybe in a large garden or safe area of the resort, like a playground to hide the eggs around. Keep the children enticed with clues hidden around too divulging the next location of the chocolate.


For those who aren’t fans of chocolate, there’s a huge range of other goodies you can make too! This Mary Berry Easter biscuit recipe makes a more traditional treat and is just as easy, only taking half an hour to prepare. You’ll need butter, sugar, flour, milk, lemon and currants to make a dough. Once kneaded, pop them in the oven for half an hour and brush them with egg glazing and caster sugar before putting them back in the oven to finish baking. They can last for up to 3 days too so be sure to make enough for everyone to enjoy.


Sun's out? Then it’s time for beach games with the family! Nothing beats a long walk on the beach so go prepared with a bucket and spade, Frisbee and kite to get all the kids energised. Or if you’ve not got your beach supplies with you, nothing beats a race along the beach to see who can get into the sea first. Improvise with musical towels (instead of chairs) or hold your own sand art competition with a delicious ice cream prize for the artistic winner.


Another children’s classic is an egg and spoon race. Mark out the start and finish line by holding ribbon or draw a chalk line so the kids know where they’re heading. Next, all you need to do is equip the kids with their egg and spoon! Hold relay races where the kids need to work in teams to pass their egg along to the finish line and don’t be afraid to include the grown-ups in this game too, you’d be surprised who the winners are!


Here in Somerset, at Holiday Resort Unity, we have tons of organised activities and games planned for over the Easter weekend as well as huge discounts for those camping or hiring! To book your break now, get in touch with the team by calling us on 01278 751 235 or book online.