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The holiday season with warmer weather is coming soon and it is a perfect time to start planning your next holiday. With so many options to choose from, a lot of people consider more conscious, Earth-friendly getaways as a way to reconnect with nature and relax from the daily hustle and bustle. Camping is a perfect way to do so, as it is a low-cost alternative for more sustainable holiday.
Like all holiday plans – a camping trip requires some preparation, equipment and planning ahead, so here we will unveil our top tips for a perfect camping holiday.

Here, at Holiday Resort Unity, we offer a large campsite area with reasonably sized tent pitches. In addition, we offer free public toilets, hot showers, washing-up areas for your comfort and convenience, and a coin-operated laundrette so you don’t need to worry about dirty clothing on your way back home.

If you are looking for a really good camping experience you will need to be prepared for all weather conditions - at the end of the day now you will be living under the sky!
Make sure you have checked the weather forecast and packed appropriate clothing for your trip. Not to forget the suitable camping equipment, including a waterproof tent cover and a sleeping bag to keep you warm.

Choosing a tent

Choosing the right tent can be a challenge, especially if you are new to camping holidays. The most important factors you need to consider are size, durability and the ease of setup. There is nothing worse than sleeping in a cramped space, so make sure you are choosing a tent size suitable for your family size. If you planning to have camping trips a long way in the future, also consider if the tent will be spacious enough when your children will grow up in a few years. This brings us to the next important factor – durability. Investing in a good quality tent will ensure more comfort, and weatherproofing and eliminate the chance of unpleasant surprises, such as broken parts. It is also important to understand how difficult or easy your new tent is to set up. No one wants to spend hours reading the manual while all you can think of is delicious fire-grilled marshmallows.

Another must-have for your camping trip is a good night’s sleep. While the campsite in Brean is calm and quiet during the night, your bedding can play a crucial role in your sleep quality. Whether you choose an air mattress and your usual bedding or opt for a compact weatherproof sleeping bag, always check the forecast. If you like your mattress extra firm or looking for extra-light packing choose a sleeping pad for cushioning, and if you prefer sleeping on the clouds don’t forget to take your airbed with you.

What is a good holiday without a good food?

While you choose a camping holiday for 2024 perhaps you are looking to have a more eco-friendly experience and looking for more natural and healthy food options. Wherever you go, always check the campsite’s regulations for fire safety and whether or not you can have your own bonfire or use allocated barbeque spots. At Holiday Resort Unity we only allow contained BBQs above the ground and no closer than 10ft from motorhome, caravan. Read more about park safety rules here.

Decide the dining plan for your camping holiday and what cookware you may need. In our resort, we have a wide range of restaurants offering dine-in and takeaway options, also we cater for people with special dietary requirements such as gluten intolerance, and vegetarian or vegan diets, but we always recommend checking before ordering. If you don’t feel like cooking maybe a kettle for hot water and a knife for a sandwich will be enough?

However, if you plan to cook yourself make sure your cooking equipment is safe to use and is in good condition. In general, we recommend choosing durable dinnerware made of metal or other long-lasting sustainable materials instead of using single-use sets to save the planet and money in the long run!
We believe you are a great chef and cook the most delicious food, but don’t forget about food safety. Be cautious about dairy and meat products, not only because of local wildlife but also how well they will last not in the refrigerator. We recommend choosing less risky quick-to-prepare foods like porridge, vegetables and fruits.

Better safe than sorry

It is a good practice to have a first aid kit in your car, especially if you are going on a camping holiday. Even small things like uncomfortable shoes can make your holiday not so pleasant and a plaster from the first aid kit comes to help!
In an unfortunate situation of more serious injury, here at Holiday Resort Unity, we will try to help you the best we can. We have first-aid trained staff members who will help you during the day, and in later hours you can contact our security officers who work 24/7. To have easy access to emergency contacts download our app here.


Leave No trace

We know that camping holidays have a smaller environmental impact, and we all are responsible for making our holidays as sustainable as possible. As mentioned above it is a good practice to choose long-lasting cooking and dining products instead of disposable ones. We know, that sometimes it is impossible to go completely zero-waste, but in that case, always follow recycling guidance.

Alongside people and the campsite, there is another big part of our environment - wildlife, and here in Brean we are proud of our award-winning conservation area. It is important to follow designated routes and trails in the area, as it is for your own safety and wildlife protection. We know that walking near the fishing lake and observing wild ducks can be relaxing and interesting for children, it is important to respect their peace and admire them from afar.

Well-planned and thought-through holidays always leave good long-lasting memories. With a positive mindset, knowledge and high-quality camping gear meeting all your needs, a holiday at a camping site leaves you to enjoy time with your friends and family.

Now you know what are the most important things to have for a camping trip, so go to the great outdoors, breath in the fresh air and start your new adventure here in Brean.