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Here at Holiday Resort Unity in Brean, we understand that when you're planning a family holiday, it's important to choose a destination that will please everyone in the clan—including the youngest members. That's why we've put together this list of the top 10 things kids enjoy on a family holiday in Brean. We hope it helps you in your decision-making process!

1. Meeting new friends

Kids are naturally social creatures, so chances are they'll make friends wherever they go—but it's always nice to meet other families holidaying in the same place. Family holidays in Brean Somerset at HRU are now so popular, and we offer so many activities and so much entertainment for kids there's a strong chance that they'll make new friends to add more fun and excitement to their holiday in Somerset.

2. Trying new things

Be it food, activities, or simply exploring different surroundings, kids love learning about and experiencing new things on holiday. HRU offers amusement arcades, Brean Play, Brean Splash Waterpark, Brean Theme Park, an outdoor play area, the Pump Track for bikes, Unity Bowl ten-pin bowling, the Bucket & Spade beach-themed venue, and numerous eateries including the Treasure Chinese, Sea Salt fish & chip takeaway and pizza shop, and Ricardo's ice cream parlour. There's also a packed live entertainment schedule, so there's plenty of new things to do for kids on a Brean family holiday at HRU.

3. Having dedicated family time

In today's hectic world, it can be hard to find quality time to spend as a family. A family holiday in Brean provides the perfect opportunity to reconnect and bond with one another. Having lots of fun as a family is a great way to make things happen

4. independence

Let's face it, while on holiday, kids often relish the chance to have a bit more independence than they do at home. Whether it's staying up a bit later or venturing out on their own for some exploration, independence is always appreciated by youngsters. With so many attractions on the Holiday Resort Unity site, in a safe environment, kids can enjoy a feeling of independence whilst you're always near enough to be on hand when needed.

5. Relaxation

Just like adults, sometimes kids need a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. A family holiday is a perfect time for them to relax and recharge their batteries. A fun-packed family holiday in Brean is a superb way to relax.

6. Excitement

Let's face it, kids are just naturally drawn to excitement! When choosing a family holiday destination, be sure to keep this in mind and look for places that offer plenty of activities and adventure for young ones. With a theme park, live entertainment, play areas, arcades, and more, a family holiday in Brean at Holiday Resort Unity is packed with exciting things to do and try.

7. opportunities to learn

Any travel to new places and exploring can be such an enriching experience for kids, providing them with opportunities to learn. Learning can happen much more naturally when you're having fun at the same time. That's what a kid's holiday in Brean Somerset can offer.

8. Imagination station

One of the great things about holidays is that they provide ample opportunity for kids to use their imaginations. Whether it's building sandcastles on the beach (Brean has 7 miles of sandy beach!) or pretending to be pirates searching for buried treasure, there's no limit to what children can dream up while on holiday!

9. Happiness galore

Quite simply, holidays make kids happy, and what could be more important than that?

10 last but not least...memories!

Family holidays create memories that last a lifetime, and what could be more priceless than that? A family holiday in Brean at Holiday Resort Unity offers so many great opportunities to make treasured memories and, you can always keep coming back every year to make some more!

When planning your next family holiday in the UK, keep these 10 things in mind! By choosing a destination like Brean that takes into account what kids enjoy, you're sure to please everyone and create memories that will last long after you return home.